Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome To The Jungle; We Have Fun And Games!

If you're reading this, you're probably ridiculously bored, and already know who I am. Nevertheless, welcome anyway! Allow me to give a little background here . . .

First, as of this moment I'm a soon-to-graduate 3L from Marquette Law School. Come May, I'll be entering the legal profession (I hope!), doing something in the realm of public interest law or government work. I'm a born-and-raised Bostonian planning on staying in Wisconsin post-J.D., mostly because I've fallen in love with the state. Despite being here for almost 3 years, I still haven't become a Milwaukee sports fan; my first loves will always be the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins.

"Why make a blog, Golden" you ask? Well, I've had a couple of other blogs in my past, but they've all only really been used when I needed to vent about something, which gives the impression that I'm some emo-ish kid with a skewed pessimistic outlook on life. Given that my internet footprint is fair game in this era of Facebook-stalking and Google-searching prospective hires, I figured it wouldn't be worth blogging at all. Still, when Associate Dean of Research Michael O'Hear started up the Marquette Law Faculty Blog, I made it a point to regularly respond to the posts there that interested me, as well as ones around the web at local blogger's sites. Then, around October, Dean O'Hear contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to serve as the inaugural "Student Blogger of the Month," and I figured it couldn't hurt to spend one month writing posts there. Surprisingly (or unfortunately, depending on the perspective you choose to look at it from), I really enjoyed it, and my posts seemed to generate a great deal of interest as well. I vowed that I was going to continue writing posts, but then life (i.e., finals, extracurriculars, etc.) got in the way, and I stopped posting. Still, I kept seeing interesting articles and comments and thinking "Hey, I should write about that tonight!", only to abandon the idea after running out of energy at the end of days.

Then, several things happened. First, I realized that I was graduating very soon, and that this occasion would also likely terminate my posting privileges on the Faculty Blog. I also started seeing a lot more articles published by legal scholars suggesting that blogging about legal things (provided it was done intelligently and eloquently) was starting to gain acceptance as an alternative to publishing a law review article. But above all, I realized that blogging was helping me develop a better understanding of legal issues than simply reading textbooks ever would. Between all those things, I figured "Why not?", and so this blog was born.

I can't promise I'll be updating this every day (though I will spend a few minutes reposting my Faculty Blog posts here to be read at your leisure.) I can't even promise you'll like everything I blog about. But feel free to keep checking in here to read my thoughts as they come. After all, what do you have to lose, except for a few minutes of your time?

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