Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't Drink And Drive . . . And Drive Again . . .

A quick aside: Sorry for the lag in blog posts. This last month has been hellish, what with mock trials and real trials and seminar papers (oh my!) However, the last final of my law school career is tomorrow, so assuming I pass it, I should be free (after recovering for a few days) to resume blogging.

Until then, a quick hit:

From the "Wow, how stupid can you be?" Department: A woman who doesn't get that it's not such a good idea to drive home from the police station when you've just been written up for a DUI .

You know, I'd laugh, if (a) I hadn't had clients this year who'd done the exact same thing, and (b) this wasn't an extreme case of perhaps the worst luck I've ever seen. I mean, what are the odds you're going to drive past the very same cop who pulled you over the first time?